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What are “The Deer Tanks”?

The catchment you are referring to is our Goldfield #1 catchment.  The department builds these catchments statewide to augment the available drinking water for wildlife in the area.  This catchment provides water for Mule Deer, Javelina, quail etc.  There are usually a lot of animal tracks on the ground leading up to the drinker.  The large metal apron collects rainwater which is stored in the tank and subsequently fills the drinker.  This catchment was built in 1968 but I recently acquired some grant funding to renovate it.  The renovation will include putting all the storage tanks (four, 10,000 gallon tanks) underground and changing the drinker to a gravity fed system which required less maintenance.  The renovation will take place within the next year.

Information from:  Kriselle Colvin, Wildlife Manager III
AZ Game and Fish Department, Region VI